About lighterlimbs

Founded in 2005 by Ann Le Bek, Lighterlimbs is a specialist Lymphoedema and Injury Clinic, offering a multi-disciplinary approach in the treatment of lymphoedema and injury rehabilitation. Lighterlimbs offers both a therapeutic and remedial lymphatic therapy service, bringing together the four cornerstone disciplines of Combined Decongestive Therapy to build flexible and effective patient specific treatment programmes. Many of our patients remain under the care and management of their local NHS lymphoedema service whilst attending the Lighterlimbs clinic to access additional physical therapies not always available within the NHS. We always seek to complement existing treatment regimes and regular contact where necessary is kept with NHS service providers.

Coban 3M

I will soon be using the new Coban 3M 2 layer bandaging system for lymphoedema in the Lighterlimbs clinic. This new lighter and less bulky banadaging method allows for more movement whilst in bandages, improved therapy results and less slippage. This has to be good for patients and a real step forward in lymphoedema treatment.

Come try! Ann.